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Havos develops word games and apps to play online and on phones and tablets. All games look and feel the same on all platforms. This includes iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android phones & tablets, Amazon Kindle, BlackBerry phones and all devices or computers with a web browser. The Apple iOS products can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. The Android products can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, Amazon App Store and BlackBerry World. Or just play our online word games directly here.

All our products are currently word games or reference applications, with downloadable dictionaries, providing word lists in more than 20 different languages. In the online web versions all dictionaries are available immediately without the need to download, just use the "Select Language" menu top right to play in that language. Our games include crosswords, codewords, word search, word & number fit / fill puzzles and jigsaw crosswords. Or use our crossword solver to help solve straight or cryptic crosswords.

Click on an icon below to learn more about our products, or click the "Play now in your browser" image to play a great fun word game online now.

Our Apps

Jigsaw Crossword

Recreate a crossword with jigsaw pieces. The letters on the pieces help you complete the puzzle. Easy to use interface, drag and drop puzzle pieces across the screen.

Crossword Unlimited

Play an unlimited number of tailor-made crossword puzzles! This app contains a database of many thousands of straight and general knowledge clues and answers, so that it can generate unique crosswords based on your own interests, ability and device.

Word Fit Puzzle

This app is a fit the words game (sometimes known as Criss-Cross). It has a grid like a crossword, but there are no normal clues. Instead you must fill in the given words into the grid. The game has an easy to use interface. Simply use your finger to drag the words from the word list into its correct position.

Number Fit Puzzle

Fit numbers or pictures into the game grid. A fun puzzle game with easy rules. It means you can start playing immediately. Use your skill to find the correct place for each sequence of numbers or pictures.

Codeword Unlimited

Find the letters behind the numbers, by playing this popular word game. Unlimited games to play. Configure the grid size and the difficulty of the words. This means it is suitable for all abilities and device sizes.

Word Search Ultimate

This is by far the most flexible word search app on the market. Multiple configuration options create a game that exactly corresponds to your device and your expertise. Play with an English word list or choose one of 23 other languages.

Crossword Solver

Best app for solving crosswords. Includes help for cryptic clues, two word answers, anagrams and more. Comprehensive word list, plus thousands of names of famous people and places.

Famous People

This application is a database of 40,000 famous people. It has kings, politicians, actors, scientists, singers, sports people and many others. They can be grouped by profession and by nationality.